Testimonials from marketers

Radio delivers strong ROI, amplifies the media mix and helps brands grow. Who better than marketers themselves can testify to radio’s core strengths? egta is proud to showcase industry leaders’ testimonials on how radio and audio help them achieve their marketing objectives. Let’s hear from the advertisers!

In the complex media world, audio continues to be a powerful media vehicle.  The ability to leverage trusted spokespeople and local experiences helps us drive consumer engagement which drives our business.

Benjamin S. Jankowski

Senior Vice President Media, Mastercard

“Technology is rapidly reshaping our behavior in many challenging ways. One of those is that people nowadays can -and will- opt-out from undesired messages, on almost any platform. Radio however, is one of the few wide-reach channels that still allow brands to fully reach big audiences. We believe that provided you’re willing to invest enough in creativity and engagement, the specific ‘personal’ and ‘nearby’ characteristics of this medium offer great potential to earn -and build- attention on a large scale, at a very reasonable cost.”

Jonas Braun

Media Strategy & Special Projects, Lidl Belgium & Luxemburg GmbH

“Radio has been a very important medium for McDonald’s for quite a while now, because it’s a well-proven promotional medium. Convergent audio campaigns create an increased ad effect through additional touchpoints in younger target groups. The additional stimuli not only lead to increases in sales, but also keep the message and the brand in people’s minds.”

Roland Meves

Head of Marketing/Media, McDonalds Germany

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