About the initiative

Proclaimed in 2011 by the Member States of UNESCO, and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 as an International Day, February 13 became World Radio Day. It is an occasion to draw public’s attention to the unique value of this timeless medium that is currently taking up new technological forms and devices. With this dedicated website, egta highlights radio’s core strengths: its ability to reach a huge and engaged audience, its exceptional offer to advertisers, its creative power and its innovation for the listeners of today and tomorrow. Let’s celebrate!

Meet our partners

Our initiative has been supported by a number of national and international media associations as well as individual radio broadcasters. Should you wish to contribute to this project, please contact the egta team.


Region: Worldwide

In recognition of its crucial societal, political and communication role as the widest-reaching mass medium, UNESCO proclaimed 13 February as World Radio Day at its General Conference in 2011.

Website: https://en.unesco.org/commemorations/worldradioday   

Association of European Radios (AER)

Region: Europe

The Association of European Radios (AER) is a Europe-wide trade body representing the interests of over 4,500 private/commercial radio stations across the EU28 and in Switzerland.

Website: http://www.aereurope.org/

RAB – Radio Advies Bureau

Country: Netherlands

The Radio Advies Bureau (RAB), is the marketing body for radio in Netherlands that represents both national and regional public and commercial radio stations.

Website: http://www.rab.fm/


Country: United Kingdom

RadioCentre is the marketing body for radio, funded entirely by the UK Commercial Radio industry.

Website: https://www.radiocentre.org/

Radio Connects | Radio Connexions

Country: Canada

Radio Connects | Radio Connexions is the not-for-profit trade associate for the Canadian Radio Industry.  With a mandate to inform and educate the advertising and marketing community, Radio Connects leads open and continuous dialogue about the extraordinary effectiveness of radio. 

Website: https://radioconnects.ca/


Country: Finland

RadioMedia is an umbrella organisation for private radio stations in Finland. It represents both Finnish national and local private radio stations.

Website: https://www.radiomedia.fi/


Country: Germany

Radiozentrale is the umbrella organisation for advertising on both public radio stations and private commercial radio stations in Germany.

Website: http://www.radiozentrale.de/start/

VAUNET – German Media Association

Country: Germany

VAUNET German Media Association represents commercial broadcasting and audiovisual companies in Germany. With their TV, radio, online and mobile offerings, its approximately 150 members enhance Germany´s media landscape in terms of diversity, creativity and innovation.

Website: https://www.vau.net/

Association of AV media (VIA)

Country: Belgium

VIA unites the sales organisations of the Belgian Audio-Visual media (TV, Radio, Cinema) 

Website: https://viabelgium.media/en/

Association of Austrian Commercial Broadcasters (VÖP)

Country: Austria

VÖP represents all major commercial TV and radio broadcasters in Austria. Its main focus is strengthening a dual broadcasting market with fair competition and equal opportunities for both commercial and public media companies. VÖP also acts as partner of regulatory of other institutional authorities, the government, political parties and other associations.

Website: http://www.voep.at/

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