Welcome to the egta initiative for World Radio Day.

We celebrate the only mass medium that speaks to each listener in a different way.  Radio delivers strong ROI, amplifies the media mix and helps brands grow. Developments in data and technology, as well as proliferation of voice assistance will carry the audio industry forward. 2018 will be the year of audio for listeners, broadcasters and publishers, as well as marketers.

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WRD 2018: Testimonials from marketers and industry leaders

Curious how radio and audio help marketers achieve their marketing objectives?

See the collection of testimonials from international advertisers and marketers.


Why radio?


Six key arguments for radio advertising in a slide deck that includes visuals, facts and figures in support of radio as a medium and an advertising platform.


Promoting radio


Discover a selection of great promotional initiatives from egta member radio sales houses and industry representatives. Cases include promotional spots, innovative B2B and B2C activities.


Enter the theater of the mind

egta spots

Hear how radio advertising can take your imagination to new places! Listen to the three egta WRD spots and hear how radio advertising can take your imagination to new places!



Marketing trends


To celebrate the day and radio’s power as a marketing platform, egta takes a look at the marketing trends shaping this year and identifies how radio innovates along with marketers’ priorities.





About World Radio Day

In recognition of its crucial societal, political and communication role as the widest-reaching mass medium, UNESCO proclaimed 13 February as World Radio Day at its General Conference in 2011.